OzHarvest x City of Casey Use It Up Lottery 2023

Conditions of Entry:
  1. OzHarvest is the promoter of the “OzHarvest Food Waste Reduction Program” lottery.
  2. The “OzHarvest Food Waste Reduction Program” lottery commences 8 May 2023 and closes 11 June 2023 and will run concurrently with the OzHarvest Food Waste Reduction Program conducted by OzHarvest and supported by the City of Casey.
  3. OzHarvest will be giving 1 of 25 Hoyts movie tix double passes, to each of the 25 eligible winners who will be randomly drawn at the end of the OzHarvest Food Waste Reduction Program.
  4. The lottery promotion is conducted to increase awareness, registration, and participation in the Food Waste Reduction Program for residents from the City of Casey, being run and promoted by OzHarvest and supported by the City of Casey.
  5. The lottery will be drawn on 14 June (+ 1day) 2023, by the Program Coordinator and the Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance at the Head Office of OzHarvest in G3/G4, 46-62 Maddox Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015.
  6. The winners’ will be published on the OzHarvest’s City of Casey Webpage at ozharvest.org/cityofcasey/
  7. To be eligible to enter the OzHarvest Food Waste Reduction Program Lottery, entrants must:
    • register their details on the OzHarvest and City of Casey webpage using the following link: City Of Casey | OzHarvest
    • have received an email from OzHarvest confirming their participation in the program.
    • participate in the Food Waste Reduction program, including completing two short surveys, which must be received by OzHarvest on or before 11 June 2023.
  8. OzHarvest will maintain all relevant records in relation to this lottery promotion for a period of three years, including: accurate financial accounting of the lottery; accurate accounting for all entries; and accurate report of the distribution of prizes.
  9. The eligible winners of prizes will be advised in writing of the prize, using the email contact details provided by registrants.
  10. Eligible winners will be drawn randomly from all completed questionnaires received by OzHarvest at the end of the program (11 June 2023).
  11. The winners of the prize will not incur a cost to accept a prize.
  12. All entrants’ details will only be used for the purposes of conducting this project and to draw the winners of the lottery and will be kept on the secure OzHarvest database. For information about our commitment to protecting your privacy, please review the OzHarvest Privacy Policy. OzHarvest will only publish the initials of the winners and their suburb when publishing the winners. OzHarvest will not publish any other personal information.
  13. An entrant is not required to be present at the drawing of the lottery to be eligible to win a prize.
  14. The prize will be transferred to each of the 25 winners within 28 days after the draw on 11 June 2023.
  15. The winner of a prize may only be substituted via a second draw, if reasonable efforts were made to identify a winner from the first draw was unsuccessful.
  16. OzHarvest will conduct this trade promotion lottery in a manner that is not offensive and that is not contrary to the public interest.
  17. A prize may only be substituted if the substituted prize is of the same or greater value than the original prize and the winner either agrees in writing, or the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of OzHarvest and reasonable attempts are made to reach agreement with the winner that are unsuccessful.
  18. Whilst OzHarvest will take all reasonable steps to abide by the dates and timeframes noted above, the dates noted above are indicative, and may be varied at the discretion of OzHarvest, due to operational issues or logistic restraints.
  19. Any decision in relation to the draw made by OzHarvest is final and not negotiable by any person.