Donor Promise


Donor Promise

Our Donor Promise

Nourishing our Country every day is a big job and only possible thanks to the wonderful support from special donors like you. Every dollar donated goes towards supporting our pillars to Rescue and Educate and can help provide two meals to people in need. We want everyone who supports OzHarvest to understand how much-needed funds keep our wheels turning (literally!).

We Promise:

To direct your donation to the program/area you intended
If you would like your donation to go to a specific program, we will make sure that happens.  Whether it’s for education programs NEST and Nourish, to support food rescue or specifically for one of nine offices or regional communities, funds can be allocated accordingly.

Donations that are not tied to a particular program are extremely valuable as they enable OzHarvest to direct funding to the area of greatest need.

To use your donation responsibly
We use every dollar donated to us as efficiently as possible. Our Social Return on Investment (SROI) has been measured to show the true impact OzHarvest is making in the community.

Every dollar invested into:

  • Every $1 invested in Food Rescue returns $12.05 as charity agencies can redirect valuable funds from buying fresh, nutritious food to other essential services.
  • Every $1 invested in NEST returns $4.12 by increasing living skills and health/nutrition education and increasing community connectedness.
  • Every $1 invested in Nourish returns $2.60 by enhancing life skills of vulnerable young people and providing pathways to employment.
  • Every $1 invested in FEAST returns $15.63 by helping students gain problem-solving skills and foster a deep understanding of local community issues.

To always stick to our values
Treating everyone with respect and dignity is central to our purpose of Nourishing our Country.  We pride ourselves on sharing love, joy and gratitude through everything we do and are committed to working with like-minded individuals and organisations who are passionate about the cause and reflect our values.

To say thank you  
Two little words can go a long way, which is why OzHarvest likes to thank everyone who supports us where we can.  All donations, whether online or over the phone, will receive a tax deductible receipt and if you include a phone number, we will call to say thank you!

To treat your privacy with utmost importance
Privacy is respected at all times and some supporters prefers to remain anonymous. OzHarvest will use your information to stay in touch and share information about upcoming activities and events, but we do respect and understand if you prefer not to be contacted. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

To respect you and your loved ones 
Bequeathing a gift to OzHarvest in your will is a wonderful legacy for those you leave behind. It is a wonderful way to share your wishes by perpetuating Nourishing our Country in your name. As one big family we will embrace your bequest by continuing to honour your loved ones