Sustainability & Food Waste

At OzHarvest, our goal is to advocate, inspire and influence others to halve food waste by 2030, collaborating with industry and Government and raising awareness through our work in the media. Our sustainability strategy aims to educate the community about how to fix our broken food system.

Fight Food Waste

Food waste is often overlooked in the climate change debate, but is in fact a major contributor responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gases (more than the aviation sector!)

Our Fight Food Waste program aims to reconnect all Australians to the value of food and make food waste a thing of the past. It offers practical and easy ways to help you save food at home, through four simple actions: Look. Buy. Store. Cook.


Our Advocacy

OzHarvest has been spearheading action on tackling food waste for the past 16 years. We were instrumental in setting Australia’s target to halve food waste by 2030 by influencing a Government tripartite agreement in 2015 and establishing a collaborative industry stakeholder group – The Zero Food Waste Forum. Our leadership on this issue is reflected through our Government advisory roles as members of the National Food Waste Steering Committee and the Fight Food Waste CRC. We regularly work with all levels of government to provide a voice for food insecure Australians and to inform and influence policy on reducing food waste.

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Food Waste Facts

We are committed to reducing food waste, feeding people in need and protecting our finite environmental resources. We’ve compiled some facts which show the effect of food waste in Australia and the planet.

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