Faces of OzHarvest

International Women’s Day: Meet Some Of Our Female Drivers

by OzAdmin

March 4, 2021

Peta 2
Peta 2
Faces of OzHarvest

International Women’s Day: Meet Some Of Our Female Drivers

by OzAdmin

I am constantly amazed and humbled by all the incredible women that I get to work with, each and every day. From our drivers, to our chefs, office staff, market managers, and volunteers. As OzHarvest works towards a better future for our community and the planet, these women constantly inspire me to think bigger, aim higher and go further. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, I wanted to highlight just some of the incredible women that make up of yellow family.

I talked to some of our drivers, who go out every day, working on the frontline to fight food waste and support vulnerable communities, to find out what makes their day. I hope these stories inspire you and bring you joy, as they did to me! Together, we can make positive change for people and the planet.

Kate, Melbourne Food Rescue Driver

“Seeing that positive impact we have on communities and the smiles a delivery can make is like sunshine in my day!”


Kerry, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver

“Knowing that my job as Fight Food Waste ambassador really does make a difference to people’s lives and the planet’s future.”

Sofia, Perth Food Rescue Driver

“The interaction with the charities I deliver to. Rescue food and the relationships I create makes my day!”

Leah, Adelaide Food Rescue Driver

“Rescuing food and giving it to people who need it- it’s as simple as that!”

Serra, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver / Day Controller

“Seeing that lightbulb come on in someone who didn’t know about food rescue before – sharing with them where their donated food is going and learning that food insecurity happens right on their doorstep. When a food donor understands that their decision to save their excess food for OzHarvest makes such a massive difference to the community and to the planet, they work even harder to save every delicious apple or potato.”  

Peta, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver

“As a driver, I’m often in traditionally male-dominated environments, so being able to break down barriers is awesome. If you have the energy, enthusiasm, care and heart, anyone can do this job! Plus, being able to encourage and support the other women, particularly other mums, in my team is really rewarding.”  

Tyler, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver

“When I rescue food and deliver it to a charity, it sets off a chain reaction: the staff at that charity can provide nourishing food relief to individuals, which helps reduce the pressure as they navigate housing, health or economic hardship. It allows people to empower change in their community and there’s no better feeling!”

Shannon, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver

“Many of the charities on my run have seen immense increase in demand for food relief following COVID. One charity I called on today is feeding 30 to 60 people every single day – that’s just enormous. Being able to build relationships with the charities I deliver to is really rewarding. I’m just so happy I can be part of the solution and help to nourish those who are doing it tough.”  

Grace, Brisbane Food Rescue Driver

“It makes my day when our food donors go out of their way to make sure food is stored safely for us to collect. It means those who are vulnerable and experience food insecurity in our community get to access things like fresh fruit, vegetables, steaks, yoghurt and cartons of eggs to name a few. And it makes me feel part of one big team, with more and more people working to stop food waste and to feed people who may otherwise go without.”

Kathy, Newcastle Food Rescue Driver

“After retiring I found my life had very little purpose and meaning so I wanted to continue giving to others. Becoming an OzHarvest Food Rescue Driver gave me back a huge sense of belonging and achievement. I feel great joy in knowing the food we collect is not going to waste and even more when I connect daily with our community that benefits from what we do.”

Laura, Newcastle Food Rescue Driver

“It makes my day that I am helping prevent perfectly good food from going into landfill and instead ensuring it is delivered to people who really benefit from it. Some days I also collect flowers and it’s great to have extra touches like this to bring warm smiles to our clients.”


Ann, Perth Food Rescue Driver

“Seeing all the lovely smiles on everyone’s faces… oh and the quiche!”

Susan, Newcastle Food Rescue Driver

“I’m so grateful that I get to spend my day doing what we do helping others. It still amazes me that something so simple benefits everyone involved, from the beautiful people who donateto our agencies, and the people they assist, and our amazing volunteersIt’s also a great work out! ”

Kellie, Newcastle Food Rescue Driver

“I just love being able to see the smiling faces on the people who receive the food I deliver at the agencies every day.”